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Frequently Asked Questions:

Which System Should I buy - the CO2 system or the Air ?

It depends which is easier for you to get filled.  If you've got a scuba shop nearby, the big air 
tank will fill more kites.  If CO2 is easier to find in your town then go with the CO2 system.

How many time can I pump up my kite with one tank ?

A 20 oz CO2 tank can fill up a 16M kite once, it can fill up a 10M kite at least twice.                       
The Air Tank is 
90 ci in size and is estimated to fill a 10M kite at least 5 times

Is the kite inflated with CO2 or Air ?

Using our system the kite is filled with roughly 60% CO2 and 40% Air with the CO2                    
system.  Using the Air system the kite is filled with 100% air.

How do I refill the tank ?

The CO2 tank can be filled at any sporting goods store or welding supply store.  The Air           
tank is generally filled at a scuba or dive shop.

How much does the tank cost to be filled ?

The CO2 tank fill costs vary from $1 to $5 per tank to fill, . The Air tank costs about $5 -              
$10 to fill (substantially higher pressures are used in the air tank).

Can the CO2 or Air  tanks be brought on an airplane ?

No, any compressed gas cylinders are prohibited.

How long does it take for me to receive my order ?

Typically it takes 5 to 7 days for us to fill an order and then 3 days for shipping.

Why is there a pressure gauge on the Air System but not on the CO2 system ?

On the CO2 IVT Tank ("The Best One") there is a built in tank gage on the side of the tank 
which tells you how much CO2 is left in the tank.
  Since the pressure in the CO2 tank 
remains constant, the use of a pressure gage would be of no use.

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